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1) Which Domain Name Extensions come included with the Starter Kit?

The Starter Kit comes with 30 Domain Name Extensions

The Starter Kit includes:
.com, .net, .org, .info, .co, .mobi, .ca, .de, .es, .eu, .in, .me, .tv, .us, .uk, .fr, .nz, .au, .gl, .pl, .ro, .ch, .dk, .edu, .mx, .nl, .no, .nu, .se, .sg

2) Which Domain Name Extensions come included with the Advanced Kit?

The Advanced Kit comes with 50 Domain Name Extensions

The Advanced Kit includes:
.com, .net, .org, .info, .co, .asia, .biz, .mobi, .ca, .cc, .de, .es, .eu, .in, .me, .tv, .us, .ws, .io, .ltd, .online, .pro, .uk, .fr, .nz, .au, .br, .jp, .it, .il, .gl, .gr, .pl, .ro, .sk, .be, .br, .ch, .li, .ck, .cz, .dk, .edu, .mx, .nl, .no, .nu, .pt, .se, .sg

3) Which Domain Name Extensions come included with the Premium Kit?

The Premium Kit comes with 437 Domain Name Extensions
The 437 Premium Package (Kit) includes both the Starter & Advanced Kits

The Premium Kit includes:
.sydney, .studio, .hiphop, .supply, .institute, .ventures, .fishing, .stream, .business, .shoes, .mortgage, .space, .creditcard, .holdings, .cheap, .engineer, .physio, .support, .partners, .photo, .li, .la, .mn, .me, .mx, .nl, .no, .nz, .nu, .in, .io, .il, .it, .jp, .de, .dk, .es, .eu, .fm, .fr, .gl, .gr, .am, .au, .at, .be, .br, .bz, .ca, .cc, .co, .ch, .ck, .cz, .tv, .us, .uk, .ws, .pt, .pl, .ro, .sg, .se, .sk, .hockey, .ninja, .watch, .insure, .faith, .airforce, .cleaning, .games, .video, .gives, .gifts, .holiday, .agency, .dance, .website, .clothing, .services, .earth, .miami, .credit, .salon, .software, .photos, .company, .democrat, .blackfriday, .cruises, .security, .cards, .coupons, .apartments, .paris, .party, .parts, .finance, .pizza, .green, .group, .gripe, .immobilien, .claims, .casino, .football, .soccer, .social, .trade, .forsale, .flowers, .domains, .singles, .racing, .builders, .coffee, .kaufen, .capital, .clinic, .theater, .theatre, .flights, .yokohama, .bargains, .properties, .promo, .press, .archi, .irish,, .gallery, .shopping, .shiksha, .condos, .reisen, .cooking, .review, .quebec, .osaka, .furniture, .cricket, .digital, .berlin, .network, .exposed, .lighting, .church, .recipes, .contractors, .repair, .report, .plumbing, .associates, .bayern, .courses, .camera, .science, .reviews, .actor, .auction, .school, .schule, .healthcare, .center, .fashion, .consulting, .market, .accountants, .glass, .direct, .exchange, .construction, .energy,, .dentist, .investments, .degree, .jewelry, .tennis, .supplies, .photography, .black, .foundation, .hosting, .study, .style, .store, .guitars, .discount, .click, .cloud, .financial, .education, .dental, .place, .guide, .vegas, .doctor, .gratis, .design, .university, .tienda, .tattoo, .melbourne, .dating, .deals, .vacations, .kitchen, .lawyer, .legal, .lease, .community,,,, .futbol, .media, .email,, .academy, .college, .directory, .maison, .build, .reise, .rehab, .limited, .london, .audio, .hospital, .property, .okinawa, .computer, .management, .protection, .solutions, .international, .accountant, .zone, .garden, .voting, .yoga, .republican, .nagoya, .download, .vision, .estate, .express, .engineering, .fitness, .surf, .sale, .sarl, .sexy, .site, .shop, .show, .technology, .rest, .rent, .rich, .xyz, .xxx, .top, .tax, .tel, .uno, .vip, .vet, .wtf, .win, .pub, .pro, .pet, .run, .rip, .red, .soy, .ski, .sex, .law, .lol, .ltd, .mba, .men, .mom, .net, .ngo, .nyc, .ooo, .one, .ong, .onl, .org, .how, .ink, .kim, .dog, .edu, .fit, .fyi, .fun, .bio, .bid, .biz, .bar, .com, .ceo, .cab, .car, .wedding, .barcelona, .pics, .pink, .plus, .porn, .equipment, .wiki, .wine, .careers, .work, .rentals, .systems, .family, .vote, .voto, .global, .catering, .online, .restaurant, .industries, .voyage, .tube, .taxi, .tech, .team, .tips, .town, .toys, .kiwi, .boutique, .works, .world, .graphics, .attorney, .immo, .info, .vodka, .expert, .haus, .help, .host, .loans, .florist, .webcam, .name, .navy, .news, .movie, .money, .menu, .mobi, .moda,,, .events, .tools, .tokyo, .today, .viajes, .tours,, .land, .lgbt, .live, .limo, .link, .life, .love, .loan, .country, .surgery, .marketing, .cafe, .camp, .casa, .cash, .cars, .care, .chat, .city, .club, .cool, .solar, .luxury, .buzz, .band, .best, .beer, .bike, .blue, .blog, .training, .productions, .villas, .army, .asia, .auto,,, .rocks, .rodeo, .codes, .coach, .christmas, .enterprises, .guru, .game, .horse, .house, .gift, .gmbh, .golf, .gold, .fund, .diamonds, .fail, .fans, .xyz , .me , .online , .site , .space , .store , .tech , .world

Starter Kit (30)
Advanced Kit (50)
Premium Kit (437)
Premium Kit (437)
Premium Kit (437)

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